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Yashpal Khanna was a rich and powerful industrialist. Men like him have the power to make and break governments. They are best friends of the local politicians. Why? It's simple. This is the definition of symbiotic behavior! Politicians and industrialists cannot exist without one another. One needs money for the election campaigns and for the wages of the "unlisted" support staff while the other needs approvals for business projects, tenders and blue-prints. They are a great supply of liquid money that can be used for many purposes from money laundering to election campaigns. If played correctly there is a lot of scope for mutual benefit for both in such relationships. However, as always is the case, basal human nature often takes the better of reason and power has been known to corrupt people since ages.

Giriraj Desai, the chief minister was a true politician at heart. He had made a lot of promises both to the public as well as many of his supporters during the election campaigns. He was sworn into the office now and the time had come to fulfill those promises. Ofcourse, promises are meant to be kept, but it's so hard to remember them. Especially when you have been entrusted with so much power of late, you don't even remember the hand that once fed you. Thus, comes the time when you bite the hand that feeds or even chew until it bleeds. Yashpal Khanna was promised a lot of things from the current chief minister, but now the same things were being given to other people for higher profits.

After many meeting requests later when the politician did meet the industrialist, the reunion did not end on good terms. Oh there were tears alright, but they weren't from any newly established sense of bonding. Those tears were accompanied with blood. When an irate Khanna approached Desai, the police chief intervened. Due to some past history between Virat Yadav the police chief and Khanna, things got out of hand which led to a brawl and Khanna got beaten up bad. It was noted that the CM, being the honorable man that he was had nothing to do with the fight and moved out leaving the scene. When the brawl ended, Khanna was dragged to his waiting car which took him back to his mansion. Soon the word was out in closed circles that Khanna was looking for revenge and would expose the politician and the corrupt police chief.

The biggest news to follow soon after this episode was the lavish marriage of Yashpal Khanna's son, Vijay. The newlyweds escaped all the paparazzi and got away for their month long honeymoon. The cold war between the minister and the industrialist continued in the meantime. Most of the time during this show of power they were both locked into a state of stalemate. Both the parties were desperately struggling for gaining an edge against the other but the balance of power would not tip over to either side. Not until Vijay got back anyway.

The Missing Bag

After a month long honeymoon Vijay Khanna returned to the airport. It was a normal day in the city and no one really paid any attention to the newlyweds at the airport. They were out of the airplane and waiting for the luggage. As soon as that would arrive, they would go back to their mansion. Vijay frowned as he saw a lady pick up the last piece of luggage from the conveyor belt. One of his bags was missing. He went to the airport staff and complained. They asked him to do the paperwork and then head home. They would send the baggage as soon as they found it or settle the claim otherwise.

The Khannas were having their breakfast at the table next morning when they were informed that the missing piece of luggage was brought in by a police officer who requested to see them. A little surprised at the police officer bringing the luggage, Yashpal beckoned the officer in. He was still a powerful man and was used to such surprises where people would find ways of meeting him. The smartly dressed police officer got in with the air bag that Vijay and his new wife Shweta immediately recognised. It was indeed their bag. He handed that bag over to the couple and then proceeded to hand a sealed envelope to Yashpal Khanna. The color drained out of Yashpal's face as he read the letter. He curtly thanked the officer asked him to leave.

When the police officer returned to the station he went straight to chief's office and reported the details. He explained in detail how Yashpal had nearly fainted upon seeing the letter. The chief seemed very pleased with the news. He thanked the officer and then proceeded to call the CM as soon as the officer had left. Meanwhile, back at the industrialist's mansion the mood was very different. A miserable looking Yashpal Khanna was sitting next to the newlyweds who were poring over the letter in disbelief. During the month long honeymoon Vijay and Shweta had recorded a lot of their bedroom activities in the video camera. The bag that was just handed in had that camera in it but it was missing the disc that was inside. It was the last disc from the honeymoon videos that they had recorded and had a lot of bedroom shots in it.

Being the last disc, it was also the disc where the couple had lost all their inhibitions and both of them were completely open to one another. For most parts, the cast of the disc were a naked Shweta and a dick. Vijay had held the camera and shot videos of Shweta in great detail. The fair smooth skin, the supple breasts, long legs, shaved pussy and those private whimpers were now sitting with Yashpal Khanna's two worst enemies. One of Virat Yadav's men at the airport, who knew about the spat between the two powerhouses, had found the bag and when he came to know whom it had belonged to had handed it straight to Yadav. When he rummaged through the items in the bag, Yadav realized that he had struck gold. He watched in disbelief as he saw the video of the high society girl hungrily sucking a cock. He took the disc to the CM and together they watched the shapely figure of Shweta Khanna absolutely naked getting fucked in all positions possible.

Finally they had found the object that would tip the scale in their favor for good. However, while at it they thought of another novel way to humiliate the industrialist. Not only did they want easy money to be brought upon demand, but they also wanted Shweta Khanna to get it at their place. The date and time for the first of many of these installments was mentioned in the letter. It was that of the very next day. The atmosphere in the mansion suddenly turned very grim. It was clearly mentioned that failure to meet with the terms of the agreement stated in the letter would lead to the disc being leaked over news channels, newspapers, internet, MMS and all even posters. The options for the Khannas were limited.

The Payment

Shweta Khanna drove the black car into the mansion and parked it in the patio. It was late in the night. The welcome committee of Desai and Yadav were standing at the door to welcome her. They watched lustfully as the door opened and a fair leg came out of the car. Shweta put a step on the floor as the sandal made a clicking sound. All attention was diverted towards that one foot. The door of the car swung open now and the lovely lass was in sight now. As per the instructions, she was tastefully dressed in a lovely light blue saree which had ridden up her leg as she was trying to get out. Her smooth creamy leg was visible up to her shin. She was wearing a shiny heeled sandal and a thin silver anklet glowed in her ankle.

Shweta got out of the car and locked it. Her face started getting hot as she was getting increasingly embarrassed at the lusty eyes shamelessly scanning her. The lecherous men kept ogling the tall beauty from head to toe as she walked towards them. They admired the long hair and the lovely cheeks that were a tasty red now, the luscious lips which seemed to be made for nothing else than big smooches and soft blowjobs. She had worn the saree low on her waist so that her flat stomach and navel were visible and were shining the in the light. She was very tastefully dressed complete with makeup and jewelry.

She had dressed up as newlywed girls do, complete with all the adornments. She did not want anyone outside to feel suspicious. She drew a deep breath, looked up and walked confidently towards the stairs. Even though she was very nervous, she did not want to give the duo the extra pleasure of seeing her uncomfortable. As soon as she reached, Yadav greeted her, "Welcome, we had been waiting for you for so long!" She just replied with a curt nod.

They let her in and took her straight to a room in Desai's villa. It was a large bedroom with a big bed in the middle, small couch in the corner and a flat screen TV on the wall. Shweta entered the room and stood in a corner near the entrance. She raised her arm, gesturing to hand over a bag that was on her shoulder. She spoke, "Here's your money." At this both of them burst out laughing. "What do you think sweetheart? Do you think we need any money?"

Shweta replied, "I have done what you had asked of me. I shall leave now." At this Desai replied, "Oh! Why are you in such a hurry? We have got this room decorated just for you. At least sit for a while." Shweta just stood there. At this, Yadav barked out loudly, "Don't make the saab angry. Better listen to him or else I'll have to make you comply." Shweta just looked up and stared directly into Yadav's eyes and walked over to sit on the edge of the bed.

"Very good!" said Desai. You are here for the first time. Let's make sure you enjoy our hospitality. He handed glasses of sherbet from the snacks table in the corner to her and Yadav. "Here, enjoy this and let me put something on the TV." He hit the play button on the DVD player. The TV was filled with images of Shweta who was being filmed in the balcony of a hotel room. Shweta's heart skipped a beat as she saw the images from her honeymoon video on the giant screen TV. "Wow! Looks like a nice movie." Let us all sit back in the bed and enjoy it. Shweta just hung her head. She knew that she was doomed.

Yadav came and sat on the floor in front of her. "Let me help you take off your sandals." After saying that, he grabbed her ankle and slipped off the sandal from her foot. He repeated the same for the other foot. Then he ran a finger on the side of her foot from ankle to toe and smiled as Shweta twitched her foot due to the tickling sensation. Desai in the meantime got behind her on the bed and held her by the shoulders. He pulled her backwards and Shweta complied. She sat back in the bed with her back against the head of the bed and Desai and Yadav got in and sat on either sides. "Remember, be a nice girl and it will be good for all of us. Even if you choose otherwise, it will be good, but just for us."

The movie continued to play with Shweta running around in the room in a long white shirt with her long legs in display. The camera kept following her as she frolicked in the room. Finally, Shweta sat on a chair and put her feet on the low coffee table. The camera neared her and focused her legs from toes to the thighs and back. Then there was a hand that lay on her ankle and started sliding up and then all over the legs and thighs. "Nice legs! Let's see them," commanded Desai. Shweta did not respond. Desai said sternly, "Shall I remind you that if you don't listen to me, my friend here will make you do whatever I want anyway?" Shweta reached for the hem of her saree and slowly started sliding it upwards. More and more smooth skin of her sexy legs started coming into view. "Very nice! Keep going," responded Desai. Shweta kept on sliding the saree up till it exposed all her thighs.

Desai stuck out a finger and laid it on the ankle. Mimicking what was going on in the video, he slowly lay down the entire palm and moved it up towards the thigh. Upon reaching it, he began to massage and knead it. "Wow! This is so smooth," he commented. "Yadav, check it out." Now both the men sitting on either side of her were squeezing her thighs while she sat with the Saree bunched around her waist and hips. The movie proceeded and the hand suddenly reached for between her legs. At this point in the video, Shweta jumped out of the chair giggling. She ran around for a bit and then entered the bathroom. As the camera chased her in the room she looked into it and spoke, "Yes bring it in. I want you to record each and every memory from today."

"What a brilliant idea!" said Desai. "Let's get out our camera too and make these memories permanent." Shweta had just opened her mouth in order to protest when Yadav's angry voice told her not to make them unhappy. She quieted down and Yadav pulled out a camera and started filming her. Shweta tried to cover up but was admonished by Desai who strictly forbid her from lowering her saree. "You are a star now. You are already in one movie, better get used to this now. Don't dare to touch your clothes at all." She resigned to her fate and sat back. Yadav started to record the pretty girl from head to toe. Desai got more excited and kissed her thigh now. Shweta jumped at this but was pushed back into the bed by an aggressive Desai who said, "Where are you going? Enjoy the movie sweetheart."

The video playback continued with her getting into the shower and turning it on. As the water wet her shirt it became more and more transparent. It hugged her body tightly and every curve started showing clearly. Her skin was clearly visible through the wet material now wherever it stuck to her body. Her face got zoomed in on the TV and she had a wicked look and twinkle in her eye. She stepped out of the stream of water and walked towards the camera pushing back her hair with both her hands. Not only this made her face appear clearly but also made her top stick more closely to her breasts making her areoles visible through the wet fabric. "That is hot!" said Desai. With that he grabbed the pallu of her saree and threw it away. Her smooth stomach and the deep cleavage from her stylish blouse immediately came into view. Both of them ogled at the lovely sight. Desai laid one hand on the bare skin of her shoulder. "Wow what a slutty blouse this is," he said. "Look at how much it's made to show off!" With that, he started moving his hand down towards her cleavage. Shweta held his hand and looked down trying to stop him. Desai jerked his hand away at this and moved away a little. He told Yadav, "This bitch just won't listen. Why don't you handle her from here?"

Shweta looked at Yadav in panic. He was a police officer with a heavy built and a pot-belly. He was over six feet tall which made his menacing features look more frightening. The bushy moustaches and the bloodshot eyes made him look like a devil incarnate. Shweta quickly moved towards Desai and grabbed his hand. She then pressed it against her breasts. "Ohh! So you are willing to co-operate now," Desai said. He moved his hand back up towards the neck and then towards the back of the blouse. The garment was backless except for a few strings that held it in position. "Your skin is so smooth!" said Desai now rubbing his hand over her bare back. Shweta started getting goose bumps with all the touching. Then Desai pushed away the blouse from her shoulders getting more of her skin in display but not baring her breasts yet. Desai commented, "It's one thing to see on television but completely another to see in person."

Desai then moved back a bit and said, "So what is this hickey thing you were telling me about? Care to demonstrate." Yadav gave a wide grin and said, "Sa'ab is very kind." Desai went over and grabbed the camera from him as Yadav proceeded towards Shweta. Shweta had a scared look on her face but she did not utter any word as the giant sat behind her on the bed. He grabbed her waist and started roaming his hands on her stomach. Then he started kissing her neck. He took out his tongue and started to lick her neck and then started to suck around it. Shweta's closed her eyes in anticipation and fright. His hands felt very rough on her smooth body. The bushy moustache tickled her skin as he kissed her. Yadav was doing a good job and was gentle with her so far but the anticipation of the love bite had kicked up Shweta's breathing by a few notches. As she breathed in her breasts pressed hard against the blouse and they bulged out a lot. Suddenly he grabbed her blouse from both the sides and yanked it hard! The blouse tore apart and her lovely breasts popped into view. She was not wearing any bra underneath due to the backless nature of the blouse. "Wow!" shouted Desai and eagerly started filming first her priceless surprised expression, then her breasts and then way Yadav was handling her from behind. He grabbed her breasts from behind and started to press them. He drew out his tongue and started to lick her skin. "Sssssss… Ahhhhh!" Shweta uttered a moan. "So the princess is enjoying it," uttered Desai.

Yadav turned her and started licking her everywhere. The neck, shoulders, breasts and the nipples. No area of her exposed skin was spared. Shweta threw her head back, her lovely long hair falling back; she uttered another deep moan as Yadav licked her nipple. He started to make small circles with his tongue on her nipple and proceeded to suck her boob into his mouth. Shweta half enjoying and half due to a reflex laid a hand on his head into his hair drawing him towards her. He then started to suck around her neck while playing with her breasts with both his hands. Desai was recording every move in the camera. He kept sucking hard and hard and soon Shweta was soon moaning lustful. Looking that she was overcome with passion, Yadav grabbed her breasts her hard and then used his teeth and bite her neck hard! Shweta uttered a cry alright but it was one filled with passion. Yadav looked up and into the camera and then said, "Love Bite coaching complete." Then he laid her on her back and then started to suck her lips and kiss them. He tried to reach into her mouth with his tongue but Shweta shut locked her lips hard. Yadav not to be outdone kept playing with her boobs and kissing around her mouth. Suddenly he grabbed her nipples and tweaked them hard. When Shweta opened her mouth to utter a moan, Desai kissed her harder with his tongue gaining access to her mouth. Now he continued kissing her deeply and soon Shweta was responding with her tongue. Yadav threw away his shirt hurriedly and now it was his bare hairy chest against her smooth soft skin. He kept licking and kissing her all over the places while rubbing his rough hands all over her body.

Desai also wanted to join in the fun. He kept the camera in the corner so that it had full view of the bed and dove in between Shweta's legs. He pulled away all the garments bunched around the waist and slid them down her legs. She was completely naked now. Desai started from the toes and kissed his way up her leg. He started kissing her legs and thighs now. With this double assault going in all the right places, Shweta pussy started getting really wet. Desai slid his fingers inside her vagina and started playing with it. Just then her voice in the video shouted, "Yes, I love to suck your dick!" All of them looked towards the screen and then Yadav and Desai started chuckling at that. They threw away all their clothes and stood at either side of her with their rock hard penises. "Go on baby, do what you love." Desai shrieked bursting into laughter. Sensing her hesitation, Yadav grabbed her head roughly and pushed it towards Desai's penis. "Go on. Don't make us say it twice."

Shweta gave up at this point. She started to passionately suck the dicks and started to be creative. She knew the sooner both of them will get satisfied the earlier she will be able to go back. She alternated between the two penises, sucking them one by one. Yadav who was bigger than Desai held her head and pushed it down making her deep throat the penis. Shweta gagged a little and having left with no room to breathe ended up strongly sucking the dick with her throat. Yadav told Desai to do the same. Now both of them were pushing her head down on their penises real hard. After enjoying her like that for sometime, they laid her down on her belly. Her face was towards the television and she was lying belly down. Yadav started to get under her while lying on his back. "We are going to sandwich you babe," he said. He started to rub his penis on her wet pussy now. "This bitch is completely wet now," he commented and proceeded to slide his penis inside her pussy. Shweta threw her head back in pleasure as soon as the penis entered her. She had clearly started enjoying it completely now. Desai grabbed the Vaseline jar in the meantime and started smothering her asshole with it. Not giving her too much time to think or react, he started to enter her from behind.
Don't clench your asshole you bitch. The more you relax the easier it will be", he grunted. Shweta listened to him and soon she completely entered her. She was being rammed in both her holes while she saw herself being fucked hard on the television. Her tits were making circular motions with each stroke of the penis being rammed inside her pussy. Desai was also looking at the video and shouted, "I can't believe I am fucking someone I saw on television." There were peals of laughter at that joke from the two men. "Turn her Yadav, I want her pussy now," said Desai. He took out his penis while Yadav turned her around while still inside her. Then he took out his penis and started to push it at her asshole. Shweta uttered a loud shriek as Yadav impaled her roughly in one motion. Not to be outdone, Desai entered her pussy with one stabbing motion. Desai now had access to the lovely breasts and started playing with them using his mouth. "Aaaaah!!!!" Shweta shouted loudly. Desai inserted one finger in her mouth and she immediately started to suck at it hungrily. Between the pussy fucking, finger sucking, breast pumping and ass thumping, Shweta was having so much fun that she started to orgasm hard. The men laughed a little more at this and started fucking her even harder.

Desai continued to pump her pussy wildly going into a maniac rhythm. Soon he flooded her pussy with his cum and lay on one side panting. Yadav slid out his cock from her asshole and entered her pussy from behind while still having her back towards him. He started to pump her real hard now while having her in the reverse cowgirl position. He held her breasts while still under her and started pressing them hard. He had his arms crossed so that he held her even more closely against his body. The feel of her entire body pressed against his was giving him immense pleasure. He also could not take it anymore and filled her pussy with his load. Then he pushed her aside and lay panting on one side too. Soon they were all lying down in the bed with Shweta in the middle completely naked.

Desai got up and picked the camera. He started zooming in on the pussy. "The feel of skin on skin is unbeatable. All the other bitches make us use condoms. Look at all that cum oozing out." Both of them started laughing again at this comment. Shweta got up with a start and rushed towards the bathroom upon that comment. She started to clean herself in the bathroom. In the meantime, Desai hit the stop button, popped the disc out and inserted it in his computer. He started to burn a copy of the whole episode. When Shweta came back, he handed her the CD and her purse and then proceeded to push her out of the house completely naked. "Don't worry, we will send back to your home whatever you forget here," said Desai and both of them laugh as he slammed the door shut. After that he wished Yadav goodnight and proceeded to a different room to sleep.

The Bright Morning

Desai and Yadav woke the next day early in the morning all refreshed from the fun they had in the previous night. After proceeding to have a bath and then dressing up they reached the dining table for breakfast. They had a few laughs as the breakfast table was being laid out. Sipping his morning tea, Desai looked at the newspaper. He suddenly choked and threw up the tea. The headline read Police Chief and CM sex scandal. It had a still from the video with all the relevant areas censored. Another headline at the bottom read, Newlywed Khannas returns to town. It had the pictures of Vijay and Shweta Khanna in it. Shweta however looked very different from what she did in the other picture. As the police siren started blaring in the background, he understood that it had been a trick all along.

The Khannas were also celebrating the bright morning with Vijay's school friend Rohit who was also an airport officer. On seeing the newspaper he commented that he had seen girl in the photos with Desai and Yadav, leaving the country through an international flight yesterday night. He also remembered Vijay complaining about a lost bag that was never checked in a day earlier. He plan had worked perfectly. The balance of power had changed.






























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