Saturday, May 23, 2009

Part 10: The Debauchery Of A Young Housewife

Asha reached home that evening, to find her father-in-law back from Bombay. Both he and
Rajesh were in a deep discussion. Seeing Asha get home in her badminton gear, short
skirt and t-shirt, the father-in-law felt an ache in his loins. He desperately wanted to fuck her
and time and time again had been denied the opportunity. No that was not fully correct,
once he had her at his mercy, but had himself decided to fuck her the next day in the
secrecy and comfort of his friend's hotel room. How he regretted wasting that opportunity,
seeing her sitting in front of them, with her legs slightly parted, giving glimpses of her white
panties. However, there were more serious matters at hand. His Bombay trip had been
unsuccessful, as the two brothers Yatin and Kapil were still not brought to book by the court.
They had managed to frustrate all attempts of a court hearing by getting date after date and
finally a long date after two more months. It was futile for the father-in-law to stay in Bombay,
waiting, therefore crestfallen he had come back. Asha heard them talking of the precarious
monetary situation that faced them presently. They had taken as much money as they could
from the bank and now needed money to pay the interest and instalment of the loan to keep
their account running. Rajesh asked Asha to approach her father for a loan of Rs.25 lakhs
to tide things for a while. Understanding their situation, Asha phoned her parents to come
over, so that they could discuss and help out monetarily. Asha's parents came over and on
hearing the situation, immediately agreed to help. However Rs.25 lakhs was a large sum
for a retired couple and they needed at least two months, to sell some property and come
up with the money, that too with Rs. 15 -18 lakhs at the most. Meanwhile, both Rajesh and
his father were to go on tours to their other distributors trying to garner payments and
advances to meet the shortfall. Asha was to help out by attending the factory in the morning
till lunch time. Since Rajesh's mother was still ill, it was decided that she would be dropped
at her brother's house for two weeks, where, she would be looked after, and Asha would be
staying in her parents house for those two weeks, till Rajesh and his father returned from
their tour.
That very evening, Asha packed her bag and returned with the parents to their house. On
reaching home, Asha was met with a broad-smiling Raju. He had longed to fuck her again
and here was his opportunity. Asha too felt a shiver of desire rush through her body on
seeing Raju, remembering the lovely but hurried fuck they had had. The first night her
parents fussed over her, worried about the financial predicament of their daughter's family.
Thus, they all talked and talked well into the night, before retiring to bed. Next morning too, it
was Asha's mother who accompanied Raju with her bed-tea, depriving Asha of any
physical contact with Raju. Asha hurriedly got dressed and went for the first time to attend to
work at the factory. She drove herself, on reaching there found the staff and workers with
anxious looks on their faces. She called all of them for a meeting at the factory floor and
explained to them all, that there was no fear of losing jobs and that things would sort out
soon. She then asked the manager Mr. Sharma to come to her cabin, with the account
statements and bank position. Mr. Sharma was a middle aged fellow of around 48 years of
age. He was short, fat with a big belly. Mr. Sharma found Asha to be damm sexy looking
and had difficulty from removing his eyes of her exposed cleavage . He also found out that
Asha understood things quickly in terms of figures, account statements etc. Asha was a
graduate of commerce with a first class degree. She had been very good in maths at
school and had a good grasp of accounts. It was very hot in the cabin as the ac was not
working. Mr. Sharma could smell Asha's body odour as he bent down behind her explaining
the accounts position to-date. Arti was perspiring and her blouse near her armpits was wet.
Mr. Sharma was getting aroused, bending behind her, getting a good look at the sweat
trickling down this woman's ample cleavage. He could feel his lund hardening and straining
in his pants. He loved the musky smell of Asha's body odour and deliberately started
bending further down to smell her. It took her a couple of hours to know the precarious
financial mess they were in. By this time Mr. Sharma had become bolder as he freely
brushed his hands against Asha's shoulders and arms and once even brushed against her
breast. As Asha felt his hand brush against her breast, she looked up at him and the meek
Mr. Sharma immediately apologized, saying it was by mistake madam. However, seeing
no resistance he freely continued to brush against her arms and shoulders. Asha too felt the
sexual tension in the air but controlled her feelings and continued to concentrate on the
accounts at hand allowing this fat fellow to brush against her bare arms.
Finally having finished checking the accounts she asked Mr. Sharma to sit down and
prepare the cheques to be withdrawn from the bank towards the salary and wages today.
She noticed the bulge in his pants as he moved across the table and sat down. Mr. Sharma
caught Asha looking at his bulge and smiled at her as she quickly lowered her eyes in
embarrassment . "So, she is a horny woman, my feeling her, has had an effect on her too",
thought Mr. Sharma as he continued to smile at her. Asha felt embarrassed at being caught
staring at this fat man's straining lund, to change the atmosphere she inquired about the
bank balance being enough to cover the withdrawals for today. Luckily there was enough
balance in the bank to cover the salary payment, thought Asha, as she signed all the
cheques. It was almost 1pm by the time she was finished and told Mr. Sharma to go and
get the funds from the bank and pay the staff and workers. She was going home and would
meet some of the pressing creditors tomorrow morning. Mr. Sharma watched her body as
she got up and saw the firmness and heaviness of her breasts as also the swaying of her
prominent buttocks. "Lucky Rajesh Sinha", he thought in his mind as Asha left the office.
Arriving home, she ate lunch with her parents and then retired to her room. Her parents
were off to the club for their regular card session and would be back only late evening. Asha
was feeling very horny and it had been a long time since she had been properly fucked..
She called out to Raju, asking him to get her coffee. She had resolved to have a nice long
fucking session with him this afternoon. As she was lying down, in walked her servant Raju
with a leer and an impressive bulge in his shorts. Before Asha could get up, he flung himself
on her and rubbed his body against hers. He kissed her on her face, cheeks and lips, while
grinding his hard-on on her body. Seeing no resistance, he got up and freed his big lund,
proudly waving it against Asha's pretty face. Asha felt excited at seeing his huge lund and
immediately brought her mouth to it. She licked the underside of his lund-head, making
Raju moan with pleasure. She was also feeling his heavy hairy balls with her tender hands
as she began deep-throating him. Asha loved big lunds and was busy sucking away. She
then removed her mouth from his lund and started sucking and nibbling Raju's balls. This
was too much for this servant lad and he shot himself over her face and hair. Just then the
phone rang and as he kept shooting his load on her , he picked up the phone to answer. It
was for Asha memsaab, and he handed over the phone to her. Asha spoke on the phone,
with her face smeared with Raju's cum. Asha was sexually charged up and had difficulty
talking, what with Raju, now freeing her breasts and mauling and sucking them.
"Unnhh, booloo, uunnh, kaun uunnh hai", she asked.
"Madam, main hoon Mr. Sharma".
"Unnh, aangh, bolooo, kya baat haii, uunnnnnngghh", Asha replied, moaning softly in the
phone, as Raju was busy sucking her nipples.
"Madam, yahain bank mein cheque clear nahi hua hai, aur pagaar ke liya balance nahin
Raju, by now had his finger circling her wet choot-lips. He then proceeded to insert two
fingers in her wet choot and slowly started finger-fucking her.
"Unnggh, uuunggh, Mrr. Sshhaarrnmmmmmaaaaaaaaaa", Asha moaned loudly into the
"Madam!, Madam!, aap theek tau hain naa"
"Unngghh, uunngghh", Asha moaned, as Raju was giving her pleasure. He was expertly
rubbing her clit with his thumb, while finger-fucking her.
"Madam, boliye main kya karoon" replied the exasperated Mr. Sharma.
MMMMAAAAAAAAAA" wailed Asha loudly, dropping the cordless phone on the bed,
unaware of Mr.Sharma on the other end, as she was consumed by her own orgasm.
As she was having an orgasm, Raju withdrew his dripping fingers and put them in Asha's
wailing mouth, making her taste her own choot juices.
"Ye kya kar rahe ho tum Rajuuuuuuuuuuuuuu", wailed Asha, as Raju made her suck her own
Raju now proceeded to remove all her clothes. He was excited at seeing such fair
voluptuous flesh. He was mainly used to fucking house-maids and prostitutes and seeing
this fair sexy beauty had got him erect again. Raju was an experienced fucker, being
initiated by a house-maid early in life due to the size of his lund. He had secretly seen many
xxx movies and now his fantasy of trying different positions with this fair sexy memsaab was
going to be fulfilled. The first time he had fucked her was a hurried and tension-filled fuck,
but today he would have her body for the whole afternoon and early evening too. All this
thought, made his lund throb with desire. Seeing the thick lund stiffening again, Asha let out
a small gasp of pleasure. She loved big lunds and she longed to be fucked silly this
afternoon. Both were unaware of the phone lying on the bed. It was still connected and Mr.
Sharma was having a hard time controlling his own bulge as he correctly surmised that his
madam was being fucked. "By whom", he thought, who is Raju, her husband was away, I'll
get my chance too, all these thoughts entered his horny brain as he did not disconnect the
"Maaza aya memsaab"
"Ohh Rajju, tum itne chhote dikhte ho, par tumara lund bahut bada hai, ye sab karna tumnhe
kaise siikha"
Smiling, "Arre meri memsaab, abhi to maine kuch nahi kiya, abhi dehkte jao mai tumhe
kaise kaise chodtha hoon, tumhari tersi hui choot ko kaise kaise mazzaa dehta hoon"
"Jaise mera lund bada aur main chotta, waise he teri choot chooti aur tu memsaab itni badi
chikni hai", now lifting her legs over his shoulders and positioning his lund over her puffed
and gaping choot-lips.
Asha , warily looking at him, anticipating his lund entering and stretching her wet choot.
"Arre dekhti kya hai memsaab, lund pakad aur dal undar, main tumarree mmammee ki
maalish kkarta huun".
Asha obediently took his lund in her hand and guided it to her welcoming choot, as Raju
started playing with her breasts. With one shove he had pushed his lund-head in.
"AAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII uuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnggggggghhhhhhhhh", moaned Asha
, feeling the pleasure of her choot being stretched by his lund.
"Bahut tight hai teri chhoot, ghabra mat, main dherre sai hii gussa taa hoon", Raju began
pushing more and more of his lund into Asha's willing and tight choot. Raju then started
nibbling at her thick stubby nipples, while stroking her slowly with his lund.
"Oohhhh Raajjuuuuuuuuuuuu joorrrr ssssee jjoorr ssseee bahut uunnngghhh maazzaa
aaaaa rraahhaaa hhaa oouuuuuuuuuuuiiiiii mmaaaaaaaaaaaaa", said Asha, while lifting
her buttocks to meet his powerful thrusts. She loved being fucked and was getting delirious
with pleasure.
"Mmemmssaabbb, teri chhoott to bahut taras rahii hai, yehh ley jjor sse, yyee auur joorr
seeaa", said Raju, now fucking her furiously, his balls slapping against her buttocks.
"Hhaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii uuuuunnnnnggggggggghhhhhhh mmaaii mmatrr jaaoonnnnnnn",
wailed Asha in pleasure as this chokra boy rammed her powerfully.
Asha started biting his face, cheeks, hair anything that she could get her mouth too, as she
wailed pleasurably to a shattering orgasm.
Seeing her in the throes of passion, Raju withdrew his glistening lund and started playfully
slapping her face with it.
"Maazzaa aayyaa mmemssabb", he asked.
"Uunngghhhh hhhaaiinn mmeerree RRAAJJAAAAA", moaned Asha softly.
"Uth jaa, ab main tujhee khade khade choodunga", saying this, Raju pulled the naked
woman off the bed, and made her stand against the bedroom wall. He then lifted her leg,
while grabbing tightly at the loose flesh around her waist. He then took his still erect and
throbbing lund and with a well directed shove, inserted it in her gaping choot.
felt her choot deliciously stretched again. Slowly but surely, Raju shoved his full lund inside
her choot, stretching and filling her up.
"uunng uunngh uunngghh uunngghh oouuiiii mmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa", Asha wailed as Raju
began to give her long hard strokes. Raju was shorter and lighter than her, but was
stronger, and he was fucking her powerfully. Asha's breasts were flip-flopping on her chest,
with each powerful stroke of this short chokra boy. Asha kept wailing constantly, as she was
feeling the delightful strength and fullness of this boy's ceaseless ramming.
Her back and buttocks were hitting the wall behind as she fully gave into the pleasure of this
fucking and came and came.Raju's mouth was in nibbling distance of her swaying breasts.
Her breasts were covered with a sheen of sweat as Raju gobbled at them time and time
again, while continuing his pleasurable assault on her choot. Raju too felt his own orgasm
approaching, "Mmeeeeeeeemmssssssabbbbbbbb, mmainn teri chhoot kkoo
bbhhaarrnnee wwaalaa hhoonn, kya mast hai teri choot
mmeemmssaaaaaaaaaaabbbbbbbbbb", Raju cried as he exploded his cum inside her.
When he had finished cumming, his limp lund came out and he let go the tight clenching of
her waist and her leg. Asha did not have the strength to support her weight, after being
fucked in such a position and thus slumped to the floor sliding against the wall. Raju too
dropped to the floor beside her and the two rolled together , feeling the coolness of the
marble floor against their hot sweaty bodies.
After a while, Asha got up unsteadily and reached the bed. She noticed the light on the
cordless phone on and picked it up..
"hello, uungh, hello", she said.
"Madam, madam, hello, main Mr. Sharma bol raha hoon"
"Hain Mr.Sharma, bolo kya baat hai".
Knowing that his madam had just been thouroughly fucked, and that too by a man named
Raju, who called her memsaab, Mr. Sharma said, "Madam, aap theekh tau hain naa,
mujhee aapki cheekne ki awaaz aaa rahi thi".
Asha realised that this bastard had heard all their moaning, wailing, talk and fucking
sounds, felt very embarrassed, she replied hesitatingly, "Main uuh TV dekh rahi thi, bolo
kya baat hai".
Knowing she was lying, "Main ghabra gaya tha madam, main nai samjha ki koi aap ka
rape kar raha hai", said Mr. Sharma in glee.
Now roughly, "Yeh kya bakwas kar rahe hain aap, kam ki bat bolo".
Persisting, "Sorry madam, par mujhe laga ki aaap ko koi rape kar raha hai, main ne phone
kiya thaa, ki jo cheque hamne dala tha, who aabhi tak clear nahin hua hai".
"Aap iska hul khud hi nikaliye , Mr. Sharma.
"Madam, who tau maine bank waalon ko mana kar pagar ke paise nikal liye hain, par kal
thak cheque agar clear nahin hua tau hamein paise bharne hoongee"
"Theek hai, kal bat kareenge, bye", saying this Asha disconnected the phone.
All her desires of fucking had waned after this phone conversation. She felt bad that
Mr.Sharma had heard everything and was now in a position to trouble her. Raju got up to
the bed and started caressing her breasts again. Asha tried to shrug him off by saying,
"abhi nahin sataoo mujhe Raju". However, this young fellow was persistent , soon he had
pulled her hand on his amazingly erect lund again.
"Ab tau mera lund phir se khada hai, ab tau main teri gaand choodduunga, memssabb".
"Nnnahhiinnnnnnn rajjuuuuuuuuuuuuuu", Asha said in fear, remembering the pain that her
servant Salim had caused her. "Please Raju, meri gaand main nahin".
Raju roughly flipped her on her stomach saying, "Daarro mat memssab, maazza aayaa
gaa". He spat on his fingers and roughly shoved them in her arsehole. Feeling the tightness
and hearing her wail he said, "Kya meemssab, kya Rajesh ssab ne kabbhii aapkki ggand
nahin mari".
"Nahhhhhinnnnnnnnnnnnnn aaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrajjjjjjjjuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!", Asha
cried in anticipation of the pain that was to come. Raju realising that his memsaab was
really scared, didn't want to hurt her.
"aacchha teekkh hhai, ppar iiss lund ka tau kuch soovcchhoo, mmemmssabb".
Instead of piercing her aresehole, Raju held her by her buttocks and waist, while plunging
his erect lund into her choot from behind.
"UUUUUUFFFFFFFFFFFFFF", cried Asha, as he entered her and started fucking her
furiously. In out in out in out in out, he went, shaking her whole body with his powerful thrusts.
"unh unh unh argh unh rajjuu unh uunnnh uunnhhh uunnhhhh", wailed Asha as he went on and
on fucking her. Asha began to feel pain as Raju kept on and on. " Bas karo raju, mujhee
dukh raha hai, bas raju bas", she said, as Raju ignired her pleas and went on banging her
from behind, solely intent on his own orgasm. Finally, he felt his own orgasm coming, Raju
started spanking her big buttocks as he came deep inside her. Having come, he withdrew
and walked out of the room, feeling satiated and leaving behind a whimpering Asha. Asha
was in pain, with the merciless assault and her choot ached as she softly cried in bed.


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