Friday, July 16, 2010

Dad’s Friends

After the Mahabaleshwar incident I enjoyed a lot with Anand and Rajiv. At times they put in such an awkward position that the secret between us was clearly noticeable. Am going to narrate few of the incidents. They both stayed in my house for almost a month and I had become their toy. They used me however they liked. They had formed many pictures, videos of me. And many times we all 3 used to masturbate by just watching them. When my parents returned, Anand, Rajiv showed they took care of me a lot while they were away (which they actually took).
My parents thanked them to be so supportive. They also took the pictures and videos with them as it was risky to keep it my house. Since that incident I had become much bold and started wearing open clothes which revealed much of my assets which surprised my parents also sometimes. Now the frequency of Anad and Rajiv to visit our house was also increased. Many times they didn’t get chance to play with me as there were parents and I enjoyed the situation when they were left them horny and empty handed.
We 3 used to phone sex a lot. And especially after such incidents they phone sex with me and would always say that they will one day punish harder. Their talks made my juices flow making the bed sheet wet (including my clothes). One day after I returned from college I noticed my parents at home. This was new but didn’t bother to ask then and went into my room to change. I changed to a top and half pant (with inners). The top was tight and just covered my boobs. The half pant was also just below my ass. While I was in my room our door bell rang.
I went running to open the door and saw Anand and Rajiv standing outside. They gave me wicked smile and hugged me, as usual sandwiching me between them and that too in front of my parents. It was usual view now and my parents never objected that. When they entered, Rajiv carried me to sofa holding my waist while Anand closed the door. Rajiv made me sit on his lap and started chatting. Anand sat opposite of us and was staring me from top to bottom, raping me with his eyes.
They noticed me wearing inners and Anand by actions signaled me to be without them. I showed a bit hesitation as it would be too much to reveal but Rajiv pinched my ass slightly and asked me to change forcibly. I went in and remove my inners. I let myself in my room and didn’t come out. I was hearing Anand chatting with my parents while I sensed someone coming my room. I was in balcony at that time. It was Rajiv, he came from behind and cupped both ass cheeks over pant and pressed them hard, I moaned a bit.
He pushed me on bed and unzipped my pant. I was trying not to allow him but he didn’t listen to me. He had locked my room door and had complete liberty to do anything. He started sucking my already wet pussy. I was moaning, I was trying to stop him but my hands were trying to push his head more inside. He was sucking hard and my moans were increasing. I put a pillow my on mouth to suppress my moans but he removed it. While he kept sucking my door was knocked but he still kept sucking.
I was trying to stop but he didn’t listen. It was knocked once again. This time he stopped and inserted a small capsule type plastic thing inside my pussy and made me wear pant. I was lying on bed with my legs spread. He put on the TV and opened the door. It was my dad and Anand. There was a slight wet patch between my legs, but due to dark color of pant it was not that noticeable. I don’t know if dad sensed anything or not but they 3 chatted for while and went. I laid on bed the same position till I regained energy after the heavy coming and got up.
When I looked myself in mirror, my every part of body could easily be viewed, my nipples pointed through top and my pant was a bit more wet from front. I changed my dress to nighty wearing inners. The capsule still in my pussy. Rajiv had instructed not to remove till he tells or removes. I slowly came out of room checking if they were gone or not. But what I heard was they both were staying with us for few days because both of their families were out.
I was becoming aware of what critical situations I was going to face. Now my nighty was till mid-thighs, one-piece and strapless with elastic above my boobs. It was night 9pm and mummy was preparing for dinner. All 3 friends were having drinks and having casual talks. I came out and sat watching TV. I was sitting opposite Anand and behind Dad. While I sat on sofa Anand peeped in between my legs to see panty am wearing but didn’t say anything. After sometime Mommy called us for food on table.
While on table I tried to sat next to parents but Rajiv said, ‘hey sweety, come sit with me. Its been a long time we had food together.’ I denied that but then Anand insisted too. Dad ‘Go dear if they are saying so much’. I nodded my head and went. Rajiv pulled me on his lap and feed me. His one hand was on my thigh and was trying to gain path between my legs. He made me sit with both my legs on either side of his legs and facing the table/parents. Not to my surprise his hand touched my panty line.
He kept feeding me and chatting my parents. While my father was watching TV, mummy went inside to bring something, within that moment Anand dropped spoon below table. He went down and pulled my panty in one pull, and out of my legs. I was so shocked and also feared a bit, what if parents came to know that. Rajiv to my dad ‘Tomorrow am having holiday to office, what about you?’ Dad ‘I can’t take leave but wife can come half day, and also Sheela would be there at home. What about you Anand?’. Anand, ‘I will join half day’.
While talking this Rajiv pushed his middle finger in my pussy. Aahhhhhhhhh. Mommy ‘What happened sweety?’. Me,’Nothingggg just mosquitooo’. He somehow removed his finger immediately. His finger had pushed the capsule more inside me. Rajiv then left me and I went to kitchen, washed hands and went in my room. After the elders finished their dinner I watched them go for a walk from balcony.
I was feeling the heat of the capsule which was still deep in my pussy. I didn’t try to remove it because I knew the both guys will punish even harder, so I let it be where it was. I was not feeling sleepy, when they all returned, saw light coming from my room. Dad and Rajiv entered room. Dad, ‘hey sweety you still awake?’ Me, ‘Yes Dad, not feeling sleepy. You sleep, I will be in bed after few minutes.’ Dad, ‘Ok, good night’. Rajiv, ‘Actually me too not feeling sleepy, I will company you.’ Anand also came in room. Anand, ‘hey guys any plans for party now?’ Rajiv, ‘Ya would you like to join?’ Anand, ‘Sure’.
Dad, ‘Guys, we are heading to sleep, your room is prepared next to Sheela’s room. And till the light is on, please keep the doors closed. I prefer the house to be dark while at sleep.’ Rajiv, ‘Sure’. As soon as Dad went Anand locked door from inside. Rajiv got immediately nude as he was just in shorts and Ts. I could see his big black monster pointing me. In no time my nighty was moved away from me. Anand got nude too.
Anand tied my legs to bed and till then Rajiv had tied my hands too. Rajiv, ‘Sweety, have u tried to remove the capsule dear?’. I said no by nodding my head. ‘You are such an obedient girl. Its time for your punishment for times you left us horny dear. You will never forget this’. Saying this he took a small remote type device from pocket and ON it. The capsule started vibrating inside me. aaaaaaaahhh. My hands and legs stretched in vain. I pleaded them to release me but they didn’t listen me.
At the same time they were hitting their cocks on my face. Anand started tickling my pussy with his tongue. Rajiv slightly increased the speed. aaaaahhh aaahhh nnnooo. I guess my parents heard that and our door was knocked. Rajiv covered me with sheet and both got in their undies only. It was Mom. ‘Hey whats the sound’ Anand, ‘Nothing just playing some silly game till we feel sleepy’. Mom peeped inside and saw me lying on bed. My eyes were closed with tears in eyes (the vibrator moving inside my pussy) and trying hard to give smile to Mom. ‘
Sweety are you ok?’ Me,’Yess yesss Momm. Byeeee’. I think Mom had sensed something looking the half naked guys and me breathing heavily. But without saying anything she went saying good night. The both guys made sure that my parents are fast asleep. As soon as they got in room they locked the door and Rajiv set the speed to full. aahhhhhh nnnnnnoo mmmmm ssssssss. I arched back raising my waist.
I sensed high flow of blood moving to my pussy. Anand pushed his cock inside my mouth. And Rajiv held my raised waist in air and inserted his tongue inside me. He was tongue fucking me. I was at seventh heaven. Their acts had taken me to new levels of pleasure. I cum and cum and cummed, thrice and was still counting. The same time was drinking semen. I don’t know how long this went, after some time they both switched their positions.
My pussy had gone red and the pain was starting to increase. I pleaded them to please stop. So after another rigorous exercise Rajiv OFF the vibrator but still in my pussy. They both had cummed. Before leaving me at 3am they untied me and warned me not to remove the capsule from pussy. I was in no position to say yes or no. I laid there in same position. I was so exhausted that I got up the next day at 11am.
Mom and Rajiv were out.Anand and Dad were at office. I took bath got fresh and was just in bra panty and a short skirt. Suddenly the door got opened and Mom, Rajiv got in. Mom,’Hey when did u get up?’ Me,’Just got fresh Mom’ Rajiv took me in his arms and said ‘hey sweety u look cute’. Mom went inside. We sat in hall watching TV. As usual he took me on his lap with my both legs on either side.
He took off his shirt and was just in shorts. As he saw my panty, he got angry and tore it off.’ No panties, didn’t I tell you. You should be punished for this ‘Saying he slid his pant down. His cock sprung out saluting my pussy. He on the vibrator. Mom was in preparing lunch. The TV volume was high enough to suppress my moans. The whirling of vibrator set my juices flowing down my thighs.
Rajiv positioned his cock at my pussy entrance and started pushing me down. His dick made its way in my pussy. Its tip went in. He pushed me more down and went half way in aaahhhhhh uuummm. It was painful with the vibrator inside, but had no choice than letting the situation go off. Now he gave final push and his 9 inch cock wet all the way in. aaaiiiiiiiieeee aaahhhhaaaaaa. Mom asked what happened.
Rajiv ‘Nothing she watched some bad news on TV’. He picked me up and started hitting strokes from below with the vibrator in my pussy and moving strongly. They were much hard and I was moaning harder. Mom could not watch us from inside. Me ‘Rajivvv take me to my room’. But he didn’t listen and kept fucking me there itself. After 30 mins the door got opened and Anand came from office. He saw us in that position, smiled and went in kitchen.
He chatted for while with Mom and came out. I was in such position that my fuck portion was covered with my skirt. With proper expressions it looked as if am just sitting on Rajiv’s lap. Mom now came out after preparing lunch and said in hurry. ‘Guys, I just got call from office and got to go. Sorry, I will return in another 3-4 hours. Sheela, serve both of them. Bye sweety.’ And she left. I was seated in Rajiv’s lap with his dick still in pussy and the vibrator going on.
I had controlled very hard in front of mom. As soon she left I let a very loud moan. Anand made sure Mom was gone. Rajiv now again gained pace. Anand got up and got nude. He bought his long cock near my mouth and asked me to suck it. As I opened my mouth he shoved his thick rod which went all the way till my throat. I was being mouth fucked and pussy fucked. After sometime Anand removed his cock form my mouth and hit it on my face few times.
This made my mouth all sticky with his cum spread on face. He bought his wet cock at the entrance of my pussy. I got scared and told to please wait. The both guys laughed and his cock started making space in my already dick pussy. It was going slowly in and tearing my pussy. It was uncontrollable with 2 cocks sliding inside my pussy. He shut my mouth and starting inserting his dick more in my pussy with Rajiv’s dick already there.
It was way to painful. I tried to get away but was caught by 4 strong hands. The dick slowly went and disappeared inside me. ooohh ooohhhhhhhh. nnnnaaaaa. Their strokes were hard harder. They started gaining pace and soon were hitting me like never before. I was screaming much more. No way I could bear that but the guys did not stop and kept fucking me as a whore. I shuddered and cum with loud scream thrice in the process. Water flow from my pussy like open tap. Both the guys also cum inside my pussy at once after hardcore 1 hour fuck.
As they removed their cocks the vibrator too came out. Not sure how but its size was doubled than the size it was while putting in. After this, both guys were exhausted too and we all 3 fell on my bed and went to sleep. We got up after around 4 hours, my parents were still not home. I begged them not to do anymore for that day, but the guys simply laughed and agreed but asked me to insert the vibrator inside my pussy.
I did that, then we all got fresh. My legs had so weakened that I could hardly walk. I somehow managed while the guys enjoyed watching me the situation, how cruel that was, couldn’t believe they were the same lovely uncles who cared for me so much. My parents arrived after an hour. I was sleeping in my room and told them that I was not feeling well. I kept sleeping the whole evening trying to overcome the pain. Because I knew the guys would again join me that night.
The guys stayed for another week and ravished me like anything every night and day. I was their slut, a complete slut. I was never allowed to wear inners while they stayed home. The vibrator never went off my pussy and it whirled anytime and anywhere. They used to tie me for hours and set the vibrator to full. Later they explored my ass also and got used to 2 cocks in.
What could I ask more for. They played with me in every possible way they could. Later my family left to US for business and that was when my fuck series with Anand and Rajiv stopped. We cyber sex a lot and their dirty talks would let my juices flowing